Venture of Community Development under K2 Trek and Expedition Welfare program through HAT foundation.

K2 Trek and Expedition Private Limited is dedicated to community development under the company’s social welfare program oriented sustainable tourism, initiating education and environmental conservation program working with local people in the countryside of Nepal to enhance them a better life. We are highly conscious about the social imbalance that creates a clear distance on self teems among people; therefore the core idea of our sustainability initiative is to bridge the equitable access for better opportunity to each and every individual household in the villages where we launch the welfare program.
A. Educational development program:
1. Financial support will be provided to School/College Students and the individual who are getting the formal and informal job oriented education/training such as; Mountaineering, Trekking, Hotel Management, Agriculture, Forestry, weaving and knitting, Carpentry, IT, and livestock and other vocational training.
2. Technical and logistic support will be provided to the villagers who will start profession in the village for livelihood or generate new job opportunity locally.
HAT foundation is the source of the opportunity that produces various supports to local people for quality life under sustainable principle.
Persuade people to keep the environment, living and live naturally for better life
Make the people liable, accountable and responsible to each other with equitable ability and found the society harmonious Keeping brotherhood for all and to all for sustainability.

Make a Selection of individual student from each household from Chheskam Mamerku village.
1. Orphans and Disables
2. Comparatively poorest family (living under poor availability of bread and bed)
3. The family living sans employment opportunity in near future
3. The family involving in social justice in the village
After selection completion of their kids for education sponsorship their whole family will be participated in a special orientation program to make mentally and physically strengthening them to create the social prosperity in future, suggesting them the value and importance of the sponsorship provided them.
B. Health and Environment Conservation project
1. Formation of groups with limited number of households throughout the village
2. Make them come together for combine work in the village
3. Make all villagers to know about the negative impact of degraded environment and the cause of environmental degradation.
4. Make them to know about importance of environment conservation and its multiple benefits.